How to do Blogging in Pakistan: Step-by-step guide

Having an interest in Blogging in Pakistan! Because you are very good at writing on different aspects of your favorite topics or even about your life. Thought of earning through this creative skill, but I need to figure out how to do Blogging in Pakistan or where to start! Don’t be sad, because you are exactly in the right place.

How to do Blogging in Pakistan
How to do Blogging in Pakistan

Here on this platform, we will tell you what is” Blogging” and’’ How to do Blogging in Pakistan or other corners of the world’ ‘Also, how can we earn and make money through this? We will learn step by step.

What is meant by Blogging

Blogging is a website where anyone can publish their writings regarding different aspects, share their life experiences or write about a specific topic.

What is meant by Blogging
What is meant by Blogging

In Pakistan, People can do Blogs in different niches, whether they are Tech, Travel or Review blogs. Blogging includes all published online Content.

Choose Niche

While starting Blogging, the foremost thing to do is select the Niche of your interest. Niche is the topic about which you have to write.

The right selection of Niche will make sure your bright Career. Estimate your desired interests, because you should have to write a lot about this. Also, he is going to become your carrier. The right choice leads you to success. Because if you choose an inaccurate Niche, you may succeed temporarily, but there are a lot of chances to fail later on.

i.e., if you are interested in Tech Niche, you must go with it.

Make your passion your Career.


Naming the Niche

Naming the Niche is always important. Always try to choose one-word names for Blogging, just like Ahrf and Cnet, because it is easy to remember one-word names.

But if you couldn’t find it easy the generate niche-relevant names like tec-zen, in this case, tech is the Niche, and zen is my name.

In your Niche, mix and match words to make it interesting and recall names easily.

You also mix and match words with your Niche. And get interesting and easy-to-remember names. If you want to do online business or are willing to make a general blog, add your name variation to your blog before manipulating your business name.

If the domain name is accessible, it will be good to finalize it, but if it is already occupied, try to find another name.


Register Domain & Hosting

A domain is your website address, and Hosting is the space from the server. You host the data of the websites from your domain.


Namecheap is always worth buying for purchasing a domain and host, especially for beginners.

Blog Customization


To attract readers, the design of the website is very important.

As all of you know, the First impression is the last. If the design and color combination is great, the readers will be more at your site. Excessive pop-ups should be avoided. If you follow these recommendations, there might be more chances to get more audience on your websites.


Creation of Content

For producing topics, content creation is of fundamental importance. Content creation is essential for the beginning of Blogging in Pakistan.

Making money online without investment is related to content creation.

Blogging is the best worldwide and in Pakistan to get quick results in content marketing. It gives long-term results.

Some tips recommended for Blogging are as

  • Build Content of your interest
  • Make Content to the point
  • Add some infographics
  • Do better research
  • Tell a story (like an autobiography) in the case of a personal blog; it develops more interest.

Bringing the Traffic

After creating Content, the main thing is to bring traffic to relevant websites. That is quite a hard thing.

Although, there are many ways to bring traffic to the site. They may be free or paid. The first method with no cost is ‘SEO’ .to get traffic from the Google search engine.

Content creation is the first step. After that, bringing traffic to your Content is a hard thing. In the blogging field, there are hundreds of ways to get traffic to your website.


But for that, you need to make, For YouTube, long videos For TikTok’s short video Insta gram or another forum could be chosen, but there is a need to make. For if you choose Youtube, you need to make long videos. If you choose TikTok, then you need to make 1 min video. But if you choose Instagram or another platform.


Then you need to make images or video content. Transforming Content to visuals, either from writing to visuals, makes the audience more attractive, and thus, the promotion of your Content will be more. Social media is always the platform to spread every type of Content.


Monetization of Content

Why did you start blogging in Pakistan? Every person has their perspective. Some are to spread knowledge. Some are doing Blogging to increase their business.

Monetization of Content
Monetization of Content

Blogging is multi perspectives. For example, someone did this

  • for an informative purpose
  • for expanding business

Monetization of the Content refers to how to get money with Blogging.

Although there are billions of ways to make money with blogs, a few of them are as follows

A well-known and most-used method is Google’s AdSense


  • Google AdSense is a service that you can use to place ads on your website. And you make money with that ad.
  • Affiliate marketing is a way to do marketing of someone’s other products to boost their sale; in return, you will get a commission.
  • You can join ‘Click bank’Join to discover your niche-related products. By Promoting them, you can make money.


  • Creating courses or selling your provided services and promoting them on your site is another way to make money in Blogging.

Blogging in Pakistan

It is quite easy to start Blogging; there are a lot of people in Pakistan who do this Professionally. It is a convenient method to earn money with little or no investment. It is the best method to earn millions of dollars. Once your blog is ranked, then you achieve a lot. Hopefully, this article will help us understand the concept of Blogging around the globe and also” How to do Blogging in Pakistan’’.