How to start a transport business in Dubai

Dubai is a busy city heavily dependent on transportation services to keep the economy growing. If you are considering starting a transportation business in Dubai, you must get a license for a transportation service. In this guide, we’ll guide you on how to start a transport business in Dubai.

How to start a transport business in Dubai
How to start a transport business in Dubai

Choose the Type of Transportation Service License


Dubai offers different types of transportation service licenses, including a bus rental service license, a limousine license, a tax license, and a car rental license. Choose the type of license that best represents your business model.

Register Your Business

Register Your Business
Register Your Business

Before applying for a transportation business license, you must register with the Department of Economic Development. The registration process includes choosing a business name, getting a business license, and submitting all required documents.

Meet the Requirements


You must fulfill specific requirements to get a transport business license in Dubai.

  • Having at least 15 vehicles for a limousine or bus rental service.
  • At least if 20 taxis for taxi service.
  • Meeting vehicles standard and specifications.
  • Having insurance coverage for all vehicles.

Apply for the License

After you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can apply for the license of transportation service in Dubai through the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) website. You’ll need to submit all the documents the department asks for, including a copy of your vehicle registration, business license, insurance coverage, and passport copy.

Pay the Fees

After submitting your application for the license, you’ll need to pay the fees according to your selected type of business. The fee structure varies depending on the type of business you choose to start.

Receive Approval

After paying the fees and completing the process, you’ll receive approval for your transport business license. Then you can start your transport business operation in Dubai.

Final Words

Starting a transportation business in Dubai demands careful planning and obedience to regulations. By meeting all requirements and following these steps, you can successfully get a transport business license and start your transportation business in Dubai.