How To Check Laptop Generation: Complete Guide

How To Check Laptop Generation

Are you looking for a new laptop to upgrade the generation of your previous one? Or will you purchase a laptop for the first time? Is it so? Then you

know “How to check the laptop generation“. Well, If you don’t know about that, you should go through this valuable piece of writing.


First, one person must have learned what is meant by the generation of a laptop!

As for the laptops, the CPU’s (Central processing unit) age is considered the ‘generation”. The Higher the generation type, the more the laptop is updated. Because the processor, who is responsible for the overall activity of the laptop, is more efficient as the number of generations is increased.

How To Check Laptop Generation Complete Guide
How To Check Laptop Generation Complete Guide


The term “generation” refers not only to the age of the CPU but also frequency, power consumption, number of cores and threads, supported instructions, graphics, and many more. With each new generation, the efficiency of laptops increases, so; there is less production of

Heat and devices became thinner. It means Higher generation refers to a more powerful processor. So i5 Gen 5 is better than i5 Gen 3.


But i7 >>i5>>i3 is valid for all generations.

Battery life also depends upon the efficiency of the processor. If the generation number is high, the battery is also more powerful.

So i3 Gen 5 is much superior to i3 Gen 1. Same way i5 Gen 5 is more battery efficient than i3 Gen 2


The higher the pressure, the higher the laptop’s price will be!

-Factors that greatly affect the price of laptops are the processor speed(GHz,) battery life and RAM size. The least effects on price are average consumer ratings, laptop thickness, and screen size.


A Brief Guidelines on


How To Check Laptop Generation.

By clicking “My Computer” or This PC”, then Properties, here comes the full briefing of hardware and operating system. You easily investigate your relevant information about the processor.

Information about the processor comes before you by its marketing name as i3, i5 and i7.

How To Check Laptop Generation
How To Check Laptop Generation

The generation of the processor can be known by the number following the i3, i5, or i7. For instance, if it is like “i5 7th generation”, the generation is 7, right after i5 is the no. of generation.

The number representing the laptop generation ranges from 1 to 9.

These PC properties

are very useful in determining the generation of especially one’s intel processor. If you want to upgrade or are just curious about your laptop or PC properties, then this information is best for understanding the specifications of your devices.


Alternative Method (In the case of Windows 10)

These steps must be followed to determine the PC generation for laptops operating Windows 10’s Task Manager.

operating Windows 10's
operating Windows 10’s

One should Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Task manager can also be opened by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then click tab performance, choose CPU vice versa.

Comprehensive information regarding computers or laptops will be shown on the screen,

most specifically name, generation and speed.

On this page, you will find detailed information about your computer’s CPU, including its name, speed, and, most importantly, its generation. So you can find this information inHow to check Laptop Generation.”


The generation of the laptop or PC is designated by the initial number after the i3, i5, or i7 in the CPU’s name. For a hint, if you see “i5” in the CPU’s name, it refers to an Intel i5 processor, and the number that is succeeding, such as “7” in “i57,” shows the 7th generation of the respective processor.


Understanding your laptop or PC’s generation is highly recommended as it has influenced its performance, power consumption capability, and other aspects. Each new generation of Intel processors is designed to be more advanced in energy efficiency and produce less heat, making laptops and PCs slim and lighter. Hopefully, particulars will help determine “How to check Laptop generation.”