Health Insurance in Pakistan: What you need to know to protect your health and finances

Pakistan’s economy has been growing quickly, mainly due to the flourishing of its private sector and an expanding middle class. The result has been a boom in the sales of health insurance, which accounts for nearly half of all insurance premiums.

Health Insurance in Pakistan What you need to know to protect your health and finances
Health Insurance in Pakistan What you need to know to protect your health and finances



Imagine you are an individual in Pakistan or the owner of a small company. You’re likely aware that the Pakistani government does not provide universal coverage of health care for its citizens. You have two options: find your own health insurance company, or pay for the expensive medical bills out of pocket. You may be wondering if you can get cheap medical insurance in Pakistan if you are one of these people. Can you get affordable medical coverage in Pakistan? How to get affordable health insurance for yourself in Pakistan.


There are many types of health insurance in Pakistan. These include:

  • Health Insurance for Private Companies: Private companies offer health insurance that can be purchased either by employees or individuals. These plans offer a wider range of coverage, but can be more costly than government-funded options.
  • Health Insurance Funded by the Government: In Pakistan, the Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), and the National Insurance Company Limited(NICL) also provide health insurance. They may offer fewer coverage options but can be more affordable to those who qualify.
  • Mini-Health Insurance A micro-health plan is an affordable health insurance for individuals and families with low incomes. These plans have higher deductibles and lower coverage limits, but can still offer valuable protection against unexpected medical expenses.


How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan


  1. Coverage – Be sure to review all coverage options before choosing a plan. Examine what medical expenses are covered, and the limitations of the plan.
  2. Cost: Compare prices of health insurance plans including monthly premiums and out-of pocket expenses.
  3. Network: Check the network of doctors and hospitals covered by your plan.
  4. Claims process: Be sure to know how easy it is for you to receive compensation.
  5. Customer Service: Verify the customer service of your insurance company and make sure they are responsive and efficient.


How to Get the Most out of your Health Insurance:


  1. Preventive Care is Important: Routine checkups are a major part of maintaining good health. Many health insurance plans cover preventive services like screenings and vaccinations.
  2. Get Discounts on Certain Care: Many insurance plans offer discounts on certain types of care such as generic medication or telemedicine.
  3. Stay in Network: In order to get the most from your health insurance, you should try to stay as close as possible to your network.
  4. Maintain good records: Maintain records of all medical expenditures, including receipts, bills and claim forms. It will be easier to keep track of your expenses and submit claims if you do this.




What are the types of health insurance available in Pakistan


A. Micro-health insurance, which is a private, government-funded insurance, is the primary health insurance in Pakistan.


Q. How can I find the best health insurance policy in Pakistan?


A. When choosing a Pakistani plan, consider the cost, coverage options, network, claims process, customer service, and claim process.


Q. How can I get the most out of my health insurance in Pakistan?


A. Take advantage of discounts and preventive care.


Q. What is micro health insurance in Pakistan?


A. Micro health insurance is designed for individuals and families with low incomes. It has lower coverage limits, and typically higher deductibles.


Q. How do I file a claim for Pakistan’s Health Insurance?


A. The procedure varies depending on your insurance plan and company. Keep records of your medical expenses and read the fine print before filing a claim.




Health Insurance is a vital part of our life, and we should be very careful in choosing it. Health insurance has many benefits, including access to medical treatment. There are times, however, when medical costs exceed one’s budget and leave no money for other expenses. Here’s where health insurance can help. Health insurance acts as a buffer to protect you from having to pay the full cost of your medical treatment.